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17 05, 2017

What are Cleaning Units – PSI – GPM/LPM – Nozzle Sizes

By |2017-09-06T12:20:41+00:00May 17th, 2017|Pressure Washing|

Cleaning Units: What it Means Summary: The Pressure Washing industry communicates cleaning power as either “Cleaning Units”, measured by the equation  PSI x GPM (Gallons per Min), or as “Cleaning Units/hr”: PSI x GPM x hrs. You will discover these stats in the manual of

31 03, 2017

Are Ladders Banned for Window Cleaners?

By |2017-10-22T20:49:36+00:00Mar 31st, 2017|Industry News, Window Cleaning|

The 'Working at Height' regulations became a compulsory rule in April 2005. Ever since then there has been widespread speculation that ladders would be banned for Window Cleaners. So, are ladders banned for window cleaners? The short answer is NO. That said, ladder use should

29 12, 2016

Benefits of Professional Pressure Washing

By |2017-04-17T19:20:14+00:00Dec 29th, 2016|Pressure Washing|

Commercial Pressure Washing Commercial pressure washing can make a dramatic difference to your business. The process can leave everything looking clean, improve the structure’s aesthetic appeal and provide many other important benefits. It can prevent unnecessary repairs, removes pests and increases your property value. A professional pressure washing

26 11, 2016

Here is some information about Pressure Washers

By |2017-04-06T15:44:37+00:00Nov 26th, 2016|Pressure Washing|

Pressure washers make it easy to clean anything from a pavement to a full building. They are designed to wash away dirt, dust, mud, mould, paint, clay and other debris from a surface. The reason pressure washers are so good at what they do is that

21 10, 2016

How to be a safe Window Cleaner – HSE Compliant

By |2017-04-06T15:45:06+00:00Oct 21st, 2016|Industry News, Window Cleaning|

Professional window cleaning can be a very precarious occupation, especially given the fact that falls from height are one of the biggest causes of workplace deaths in the UK. In addition to several fatalities, many more window cleaners suffer serious injury every year as the

21 10, 2016

Is Window Cleaning Important for Your Business?

By |2017-04-06T15:45:48+00:00Oct 21st, 2016|Window Cleaning|

Never think that a clean building is determined only by what is going on inside. The outside is every bit as important, and often even more so. Here are just some reasons why your staff, your customers and your company need clean windows, paving and

19 10, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions about WaterFed Pole Window Cleaning

By |2017-04-06T15:47:14+00:00Oct 19th, 2016|Window Cleaning|

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning or Reach & Wash Gone are the days of the window cleaner battling their way up a slightly unstable ladder to valiantly reach the upper windows of the house or office, only to nearly be blown down the street by

19 10, 2016

How to choose a Window Cleaning Company

By |2017-10-18T10:02:15+00:00Oct 19th, 2016|Window Cleaning|

Commercial Window Cleaning Choosing the right window cleaning company can be fretful and everybody knows it. You must check different prices, insurance policies, secret clauses and so on and so on. So, Wrights Cleaning made it easier for you and made this extremely helpful guide on how

29 01, 2015

Window cleaning firm’s boss fined for insurance failings

By |2017-04-06T15:50:58+00:00Jan 29th, 2015|Industry News|

Get the right Window Cleaning Insurance The boss of a County Durham window cleaning firm has been fined for failing to prove he held statutory insurance that enables employees to claim compensation should they be injured at work. Darlington Magistrates’ Court heard today (27 February)

19 10, 2014

Morrisons cuts window cleaning to save money

By |2017-04-06T15:51:37+00:00Oct 19th, 2014|Industry News|

Retail Window Cleaning Supermarket chain Morrisons has scrapped window cleaning to save money. The retail giant hopes customers will not notice the cutback this winter because it is too dark. The decision to let grime collect on store windows has been blamed on ‘financial constraints’

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